5 Natural Ways To Help You Sleep Better

Improper sleeping patterns can be the root cause of many health problems in life. We might not realize it but having a good sound sleep of at least 6 hours (for adults) is a must.  Actually in today’s generation there is a clear lack of awareness about the value of adequate sleep.

Caring about your sleeping patterns can bless you with sharp memory, healthy body and balanced weight. However, what most of us people do is quiet contrary to what we are supposed to do.  When at one place we are expected to sleep on time and rise on time, we put an overload on caffeinating our body and staying up till late at night, spoiling the other half of next day too.

Well, in all the possible clarity, it’s as simple as that: MAKE A BED TIME ROUTINE.

Don’t worry; we’ve got your back. Here’s how:

1. We usually give in to the urge of sleeping till late on our day offs. However, this urge is the basic thing we need to defeat. By waking up early all day except on weekends can disrupt our biological clock, giving an entry way to health problems. So irrespective of weekday ad weekend, wake up every day on same time

2. Adults who complain of being insomniac and then wake up late are the ones which concern us the most. People who exercise for a minimum of 45 minutes regularly are not lacking behind in their sleeping schedules. So, here, we know that exercising and moving your body is very important in order to catch up on your rightful sleeping hours

3. If you’re an active smoker, it can be difficult for you to have sufficient sleep in the night. The stimulative effect of nicotine can cause sleep apnea and other breathing disorders such as asthma, which can make it difficult to get restful sleep

4. Your room temperature also matters when it comes to developing a proper sleeping routine. Eight degrees sounds perfect for a day at the beach but when it comes down to your bedroom, it can be a little lousy. Maintain a temperate room temperature an hour before sleeping as it will help you fall asleep faster

5. Sometimes our bedrooms setup can be too bright for feeling sleepy. So in that case, make your room a dark place where you can do nothing but sleep. No light from cellphone, from table lamps or from television. Let it be all dark. The reason behind doing so is purely scientific as any kind of light from electronic gadgets can disrupt the production of melatonin (a hormone that helps regulate sleep cycles) and overall sleep.