Ayurveda and Aloe Vera: An Immortal Saga

When we study about Ayurveda, we get to know the importance of our natural surroundings. It is a blessing to explore the herbs, plants and shrubs nature provides us with. 

Recalling the era of our ancestors, the fact still remains intact that back then mankind was completely dependent on nature’s resources and made full use of them. Nowadays, with the ever growing trends of modernization, we people are losing our natural touch.

We have now developed a false belief that everything can only be treated with allopathy and medicine, but let alone Ayurveda. It’s time we bring the concept of Ayurveda once again into the limelight. When we discuss about natural and herbal ingredients which make Ayurveda practically possible, Aloe Vera is one such ingredient which tops our list. It is one of the most important and most used plants in folk medicine. Let’s explore all the hidden benefits of Aloe Vera and the reasons why it is called the power house of Ayurveda.

Highly Beneficial to treat Skin Disorders

Skin problems are such that they can occur anytime and to anyone of us. Cuts, rash, insect stings, eczema or bruises, Aloe Vera cures it all. Being an antibacterial plant, Aloe Vera helps to increase blood flow to the wounded area hence helping in the healing process.

Aids Digestion Process and Overall Wellness

With our modern lifestyles and unhealthy eating habits, we end up adding a lot of toxins to our body. Aloe Vera when consumed in a juice form can help to clean out all the toxins from our body. Along with this, its anti-inflammatory properties can also help to soften your joint pains and enhance immunity levels.

Forms in which you can use:

Normally, using aloe Vera is not a cumbersome procedure. All you need to do is choose the best possible form suiting your taste and preference. You can either directly suck in the gel coming from Aloe Vera plant, or drink it in a juice form. People who prefer eating it out can also choose Amla pickles and chutneys. For application purpose, you can opt for Aloe Vera gel as well.