Checklist towards Your Winter Care Routine

With the changing seasons, our body’s requirements also start to change. 

As it is said that winters bring along lower immunity levels, one should definitely be more cautious about health care. Ayurveda has been long in practice and as per the principles of Ayurveda, every person’s immunity varies according to their Ojas, which is produced when the body receives best nutrition and it is disease-free.

For raising the bar of your body’s immunity levels, you must practice certain changes in your day to day lifestyle all through the winters. So if you want to beat those winter blues already, then here are a few things you must do for a disease-free and healthy winter season.

Replace normal drinking water with Tulsi water

Adding 5-6 leaves of Tulsi plant to your everyday drinking water can boost your immunity levels. All you need to do is put 5-6 Tulsi leaves in clean water and give it a boil. Once it cools down, strain the leaves and put the water in a bottle.  This activity in winters can work wonders to treat cold, cough, flu and respiratory orders.

Sesame Oil Massage

Massage using sesame oil can make things better for your digestive system. It is also beneficial in increasing strength, skin health and intelligence quotient.

Move your body enough and sleep enough

Usually we have a tendency to be glued to our bed in winters. Well, if you really plan to stay healthy this winter season then the basic step of all will be to exercise and keep your body moving. Exercising on a daily basis can help you stay healthy and toxin free. At the same time, you must also ensure to get complete seven hours of sleep. Lack of sleep leads to lack of immunity, therefore, ditch your mobile phones early and take a sound sleep.