03 Common Winter Infections to Be Aware Of

Foggy mornings and chilly evenings are here at your doorstep and let no unwanted element spoil it for you. It is finally that time of the year where you can lock yourself in a room full of books and heater to enjoy the freshly made hot cup of ginger tea or brewed coffee. 

With winters tag along a few common infections too which can make it a hard ride to enjoy the season. However, knowing about those common infections can help you to take better care of yourself. Here’s a quick guide about common infections and the right ways of treating them:

1.       Itchy Skin

The best way to prevent yourself from winter itching is to follow some of the remedies passed on by your grandmother. Avoid eating oily street food, apply almond, coconut or olive oil on your skin to avoid flakes and drink tea made with jaggery.

2.       Stomach Flu

In winters our immunity system tends to be weak which is why our body faces difficulty in fighting the effects of bacteria. The most common symptoms of stomach infection include vomiting, excessive thirst, green stool, fever, diarrhea, and loss of appetite and pain in the abdominal area. To treat it naturally, you must have a clean diet plan for yourself which should include organic food products that leave no side effects on your body.

3.       Throat Infection

Throat infections can be really common during winters. It can be painful, itchy, scratchy and uncomfortable if not dealt with properly on time. Most throat infections are a result of a persisting infection or some environmental factors, such as dry air. Honey for throat infections can be really helpful, provided it is absolutely pure and organic. Mix honey with tea and see the magic it does for your throat.