Cure by Design Hemp Healing Balm - Calming

Cure by Design Hemp Healing Balm - Calming

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Hemp Seed Oil:

Helps calm inflammations

Relief from skin allergies and irritation

Improves coat quality

Coconut Oil:

Makes your pet's coat extra shiny.

Can relieve allergies and itchy skin.

Improves digestion and Boosts the immune system.

Olive Oil:

Improves skin and provides moisture.

Regulates weight control.

Contributes to overall health.


Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties

promote the healing of minor wounds.

Offers protection to the skin,

helping to form a protective barrier between the epidermis and the environment, without clogging the pores.

It helps keep the skin clean and reduces the risk of contamination.

Rice Bran Oil:

Contains a good balance of essential fatty acids linolenic and linoleic acids which are essential for skin.

Contains a high amount of vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants

Concentrated natural antioxidants provide health benefits.

Lavender Essential Oil:

Helps relax & relieve stress.

Calms anxious,

depressed or hyperactive pup.

Cures insomnia.

Step 1 - Scoop

Step 2 - Soften between fingers (Warming it)

Step 3 - Apply

Hemp Seed OilOlive OilRice Bran OilCoconut OilLavender Oil