Biogetica CholeSolve (Lipid Metabosilm Care)

Biogetica CholeSolve (Lipid Metabosilm Care)

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Cholesolve improves digestive functions and increases the body’s metabolic rate. This may lead to a burn-down of fat and prevent its abnormal storage in the adipose tissue. Cholesolve potentially, works on: Lowering cholesterol levels in the blood, Helping reduce lipid activity, Disposing excess cholesterol in the body, Increasing HDL in the blood

twice daily or as prescribed by the expert

(1)Always keep medicines in their original containers

(2)Keep medicines out of the reach of children

(3)Pregnant lady should be prescribed 

(4)Store in a cool dry place, unless advised differently

(5)Read and follow the directions on the label

(6)Dispose of unwanted medicines regularly and safely.

Each CHOLESOLVE Capsule contains extracts of: Commiphora mukul Guggul Gum resin 100mg, Allium sativum Lasan Bulbs 150mg, Trigonella foenum graceum Methi Seed 150mg, Piper nigrum Kalimirchi Fruit 25mg, Clerodendrum Phlomidis Agnimant 25, Asphaltum Shudha Shilajatu 25.