Amishi Naturals Arogyashri

Amishi Naturals Arogyashri

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Arogyashri from Amishi Naturals is a herbal support for both immunity and fevers. It is a combination of five commonly found herbs which are known to be powerful combatants of dengue and chikungunya and also provide immunity to the body to fight against infectious diseases. It is also beneficial for those suffering from joint pains due to fever, and allergies such as cold and cough. Arogyashri is thus a potent all-round solution for several kinds of health issues, and is an invaluable addition to one’s health kit.


Papaya                                                           200mg

Pomegranate  Punica Granatum                50 mg

Tulsi   Ocimum sanctum                             100 mg

Giloy   Tinospora Cardifolia                        100mg

Ashwagandha  Withania Somnifera           50 mg