Amishi Naturals Debcon 7X

Amishi Naturals Debcon 7X

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Amishi Naturals Debcon 7X:  Debcon 7X is an effective ayurvedic product from Amishi Naturals composed of nine herbs beneficial for diabetics, as it regulates the amount of sugar in the blood, and curbs its increase. Jamun, karela, saptrangi,kanduri, neem, shilajit are those herbs that are well known for their antidiabetic properties, especially for their effectiveness in aiding the process of rejuvenating the pancreas, which is an organ that is severely affected due to diabetes.

Composition: Gudmar Butty Gymnema Sylvestre 100mg, Jamun sygygium cumini 100mg, Karela Momordila Charantia 100mg, Vijaysar Petrocarpus Marsupium 50mg, Saptrangi Salacia Chinesis 50mg, Kanduri Coccinia Indica 50mg, Shilajit Black Bitumen 50mg.