Ayurshakha Naturals Perfumed Body Mist Citrus Splash

Ayurshakha Naturals Perfumed Body Mist Citrus Splash

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Citrus Splash

This fragrance brings along some playful citric notes best suitable for any kind of an occasion and mood. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that citric fragrances are so captivating that they shout out loud saying, “pick-me-up”. If you have a keen observance for the fragrance you choose, you may like one quality about citrus Splash Perfume that it offers a light and airy aroma which makes you fall in love with yourself. To provide you with a more exotic and appealing effect, we have combined the goodness of citrus with the beauty of sandalwood overtones which when put to use, gives a sense of recreation. Coming from the house of herbs and organic products, this herbal fragrance contains no artificial ingredients. One can completely be carefree about reactions and skin infections because being a natural product; it doesn’t have any side effects. We all have our fair share of sweaty summer days where it’s a challenge to smell good. Well, with Citrus Splash, the challenge can become a little less overpowering for you. Its aroma weaves a magical web of its own that gives you a nice personality twist from hot and humid to fresh and sparkling. Presence of Aloe Vera in this perfume plays an essential role in skin protection as with the goodness of anti-bacterial properties, this perfume also ensures that your health quotient remains intact. The fragrance is juicy, fresh and very uplifting. There’s no better way to smell sophisticated than this! We assure you that your thirst for an escape from monotony will end right here right now with this fragrance enriched with lemon, aloe Vera and basil extracts. Your personality has a lot of inputs from your body odor. Make sure to keep it an uplifting one with a splash of citric extracts and raise the bars of your beauty.

Shake well before use. For long lasting fragrance, Spray on all over body / clothes. Avoid eye contract.

Caution:- Natural products can also be allergic to some people, Patch test recommended.