Ayurshakha Naturals Perfumed Body Mist Secret Crush

Ayurshakha Naturals Perfumed Body Mist Secret Crush

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Secret Crush

It’s difficult to shuffle your emotions, so we help you shuffle your fragrances as per your varying emotions. This fragrance is for those days where you want to indulge yourself in floral bouquets and oriental scents. It gives you a summery and fresh feel based on woody notes. Secret Crush makes for a perfect unisex scent with its bitter juicy and sweet floral notes. Being a sweet and sugary fragrance, this one lasts all day long making you feel fresh. The name is captivating enough to have you crushing on itself and the subtle notes of candy, juice-like aroma makes it all the more likable. We ensure that every fragrance is skin-friendly for our users and keeping in mind the same, we stay loyal to our organic commitment. You can be assured in the knowledge that a vegan, natural perfume will not use animal by-products or be tested on animals. It’s a punch perfume with a splash of refreshing oils and ingredients which bring out its underlying sweetness. Packed in a simple bottle with an attractive white-golden cap on top, this fragrance can even add glamor to your dressing table. For those who love sweet perfumes but don't want anything too overpowering, this is the answer. Different concentrations of scents in this perfume make it long lasting as it lingers on your skin for longer durations. The situation of re-application rarely arises with this one. You may even call it a high fashion sweet perfume that’s perfect for all the bubbly chirpy girls. Its alluring fragrance gives you a sensuous and sophisticated feel. This tailor-made fragrance which is a blend of many like-smelling sweet fragrances is also a perfect pick as a personal gift. After all, nothing comes closer to a mix of botanicals for therapeutic purposes. With everything herbal about it, the perfume is so much more than just an addition to your beauty product. It’s more like purse-sized treasure.

Shake well before use. For long lasting fragrance, Spray on all over body / clothes. Avoid eye contract.

Caution:- Natural products can also be allergic to some people, Patch test recommended.