Ayurshakha Naturals Perfumed Body Mist Seductive Berry

Ayurshakha Naturals Perfumed Body Mist Seductive Berry

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Seductive Berry

This fragrance is for one true woman who believes in her virtues. Presence of strawberries in this perfume makes it all the more special and feminine. Made up entirely of the fruit that signifies romance, passion and sensuality, Seductive Berry Perfume promises a sweet and long lasting aroma. It also consists of the enriching properties of Aloe Vera which make it work like a protective shield against skin infections. Seductive berry is a fragrance which perfectly suits your romantic side. With the application of this fragrance you’re going to come across as a passionate person when encountered by others. Its scented fragrance is rich and exotic, enhancing your sex appeal. It promises the blend of sweetness which every woman wants to adorn perfectly. Every now and then we all want to cherish our flirty side and when you feel like doing the same, the lovely aroma of strawberries will come calling your name. The longevity is very moderate. It should stay fresh on the skin up to 5 hours. Coming from the house of herbs and organic products, this herbal fragrance contains no artificial ingredients. One can completely be carefree about reactions and skin infections because being a natural product; it doesn’t have any side effects. The aroma scents can be described as very rich and luxurious.  To say the least, women can feel like the most beautiful person in the world when wearing this perfume. Being based on entirely one fragrance note, this perfume is best suited for women who love fruity scents on themselves. If you’re planning a very romantic evening with someone special, I can’t think why this perfume wouldn’t be very enchanting in front of a man. We ensure that every fragrance is skin-friendly for our users and keeping in mind the same, we stay loyal to our organic commitment. You can be assured in the knowledge that a vegan, natural perfume will not use animal by-products or be tested on animals.

Shake well before use. For long lasting fragrance, Spray on all over body / clothes. Avoid eye contract.

Caution:- Natural products can also be allergic to some people, Patch test recommended.

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By Dixit   on   18 Nov 2017

Feel Awesome whole day ! loved it !!!

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