Ayurshakha Naturals Perfumed Body Mist Sea Breeze

Ayurshakha Naturals Perfumed Body Mist Sea Breeze

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Sea Breeze :

This cooling fragrance is a blend of essential natural ingredients which are perfect for your day-off mood. With a breezing effect, its aroma can instantly make you feel rejuvenated. Enriched with therapeutic Properties, Sea Breeze mist is antiseptic and antidepressant. It develops your liking for a fragrance that is strong but has a sweet aroma.  We all have varying emotions and moods but by choosing this fragrance, one can forget about choosing different fragrances for different moods as it accounts for all your occasions. Its heavy musky notes are on top, followed by lighter notes on the finish. This warm and woodsy perfume gives an impression of fragrance one could wear for a day at the beach. If you wish your life was one continuous party on the beach then you should probably drop whatever it is you’re doing and buy this perfume. The cooling effect brought in by blue color used in its making makes it a party on the beach in a bottle. Its aroma is simple, clean and classic, packed in a fancy but easy-to-use bottle. It is a cruelty-free product as the essence used in it is inspired from sea breeze, sea salt, beach leaf and nothing else. You can be assured in the knowledge that a vegan, natural perfume will not use animal by-products or be tested on animals. Oceanic fragrances are something which can develop an instant liking because they are highly refreshing. When you’re in the mood to take a break from fruity and floral fragrances, this one can come to your rescue.  It is glorious, oceanic, and woody and basically it’s everything a sea lover would ever want. Women, who want to try something unique without taking out a second student loan to buy it, can without a doubt go for this one.

Shake well before use. For long lasting fragrance, Spray on all over body / clothes. Avoid eye contract.

Caution:- Natural products can also be allergic to some people, Patch test recommended.

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By Brahm Inder  on   17 Nov 2017

Nice fragrance

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