Organic Wellness Real Tulsi Green Tea + Saffron

Organic Wellness Real Tulsi Green Tea + Saffron

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Green tea made with different combinations of herbs can prove to be highly beneficial for multiple health purposes. It helps in improving metabolism and at the same time burns fat. Herbal tea which has Tulsi as its key ingredient is an essential addition to one’s daily health routine. OW' Real Tulsi Green Tea + Saffron brings you the twin benefit of Tulsi and Saffron. Tulsi protects the body against germs and balances hormones while Saffron enhances memory and protects against cancer. When levels of cortisol are high, it makes a person feel worked up and stressed. Tulsi lowers cortisol and acts as a natural herb against anxiety.Some other important reasons for picking OW’ Real Green tea are as follows:

1. It boosts the immune system and fights free radicals and toxins
2. Combats fatigue and improves asthma
3. Provides good oral health
4. Helps in weight management if taken twice a day after meals
5. It is also a good detoxifier, which is valuable for the kidneys
6. Saffron works as a stimulant tonic and treats cold, fever and cold
7. No artificial preservatives and chemical formulas are used to make this product which makes it a safe choice for daily intake.