Globus Remedies Vaginal Tightner Cream

Globus Remedies Vaginal Tightner Cream

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Vagina tightening cream formula contains a unique blend of 100% natural herba extracted from pure and natural ingredients helping moisturize,tighten and revitalize your vagina.It is a concotion in its precise proportion that provides the most effective rejuvenating,restorative,firm and lasting results

 Wash your hand and clean the vagina with water.Sit in squatting position with your legs wide. Take small(4-5 gm) cream using spatula into middle finger wearing gloves.Apply cream with your fingertips inside vagina in circular motion.Sit in a comfortable position for 3-5 mins.Use twice daily

aloevera gel,tea tree oil,lactic acid,Vit-E,chamomile ext

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