Globus Remedies Benbus 3

Globus Remedies Benbus 3

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Globus Remedies

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Vit E,Omega 3 fatty acid , wheat germ oil Soft Gel Capsule.Provides body with essential omega 3 fatty acids,humam body cannot synthesize omega-3 fatty acids.Reduces hypertention and improves heart health.It also contains wheat germ oil that’s an excellent anti oxidant and have anti aging properties.

one to two caps thrice a day with water or milk

Hritaki, Bibhitika, Amalaki, Sounth, Marica, Pipal, Yograjguggal, Maha rasnadi QwathGhansatva, Mandoor Bhasam, Gokhru Ghansatva, Vang Bhasam, Sudh Kuchla