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Suggested by its name, Deep Ayurveda Heart Care Tea is an organic tea which ensures that your cardiovascular health is not compromised due to unhealthy lifestyle choices. The flavonoids present in this tea are known to reduce the risk of formation of blood clots on the arterial wall, thus helping to prevent heart disease and heart attacks. Also, this tea helps you to eliminate other unwanted factors from life like stress, anxiety, depression and fatigue.Presence of Tulsi as the key ingredient in this tea makes it a power-packed combination for your regular consumption. Tulsi is rich in magnesium that is a pivotal nutrient in the prevention of heart ailments and it also soothes nerves and regulates blood flow, making your body capable of handling stress.  The secret to availing its umpteen benefits lies in the art of brewing the perfect cup. 
1. Heart Care Tea is full of antioxidants that boost up the metabolism levels
2. It has a stimulating effect on the liver and cells to utilize the fatty acids of the body and hence provide higher energy levels
3. The tea is abundant in anti-bacterial and antifungal properties. This helps fight against inflammation and allergies of the respiratory tract

Take one tsp Heart Care Tea in one glass of water and boil till half. Add honey/sugar/milk as per taste and use. For better result use it twice a day regularly  OR to be consumed as directed by  an ayurvedic doctor or physician.

Each 100 gm contains Arjun Chaal, Dalchini, Gulaab Pushp, Mulethi, Tulsi and elaichi. All herbs are free from any chemical, pesticides and heavy metal. All raw material quality checked in lab before production.