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Amishi Naturals Shakti Ras

Amishi Naturals Shakti Ras

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Benefits: Shakti Ras is used for detoxification of the body and gets rid of harmful and potentially damaging substances in the body. It further ensures cleansing of colon and internal organs, improves immune system, repairs the damaged tissues in the body, purifies blood and improves immunity. It cures diabetes, chronic arthritis and constipation, fever, dengue fever, chikungunya and general weakness. Detox program helps the body’s natural cleansing process through various methods such as refueling the body with healthy nutrients, stimulating the liver to drive out toxins, helping elimination through intestines, skin and the kidneys, by improving circulation of blood.

IngredientsEach 10ml contains

1. Aloevera (lf) 300 mg

2. Giloye (st) 300 mg

3. Tulsi (lf) 300 mg

4. Wheatgrass (lf) 300 mg

5. Amla (ft) 300 mg

6. Shankhpushpi (wp) 150 mg

7. Draksha (ft) 150 mg


Adults :  Every morning empty stomach 20-30 ml with normal water.

Aloevera,Giloye,Tulsi,. Wheatgrass,Amla,Shankhpushpi,Draksha.