Globus Remedies Cartin Plus

Globus Remedies Cartin Plus

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(BIOTIN SUPPLIMENT)(thicken hair, nails & beautify skin).Promotes strong, flexible nails.Supports healthy hair. makes them thick and lustrous.Prevents hair loss.Encourages smooth, elastic skin.Improves metabolism and thus promotes weight loss.Includes antioxidants vitamin C and grape seed extract for protection against free radicals.biotin is water-soluble and doesn’t stay in the system long, it’s usually considered a safe supplement to be taken regularly.Biotin is also a crucial nutrient during pregnancy, as it’s important for embryonic growth.biotin supplements acts as miracle pills for making your hair thick and lustrous, stopping hair loss or preventing your nails from breaking all the time.You’ll get lots of it from bread, eggs, cheese, pork, salmon and avocados, although taking a supplement could be beneficial if you don’t normally have a lot of biotin in your diet. 

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