V Secret For  Tightening  & Rejuvenation

V Secret For Tightening & Rejuvenation

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 Loose vagina,loss of pleasure in  intimate & low libido is a problem faced by every women.V Secret is a ayurvedic cream to tighten & rejuvenete intimate. . As the time passes after 2-3 years of marriage generally after delivery woman vagina gets loosened & both the partners.can not enjoy physical relationship, V Secret is a vagina tightenig  creams which results tightening 45 days.All ayurvedic ingredients, No side effect 

Natural Way to Tighten & Firm the Vagina.Restore the Right Degree of Elasticity and Reshape the

Vaginal Pelvic Wall,Improve Blood Circulation & Provide Rejuvenation Naturally,Encourage Natural Lubrication & Eliminate Vaginal Dryness.Help in Replacing Dead Cells With Newer Cells, Prevents Infections & Itching.Promotes Attractive Odour & Delay the Effects of Aging in the Vagina Naturally.

Wash your hands and vagina with clean water.

Sit in squatting posture with legs wide open and in line with hips,Take small amount of gel (Recommended 3gm-4gm) using Spatula into middle finger wearing gloves.Apply the gel inside your vagina in all directions,Apply the gel twice daily,Stop using during pregnancy and mensturation.

Made from Boerhaavie Diffusa,Vitex Nigundo, Aoorus Calamus & Symplocos Racemosa