Bindus Herbal Orange Peel

Bindus Herbal Orange Peel

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Bindus Herbal

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Skin Polish + Anti Ageing - Bindu's Orange Peel Powder when applied to the face/full body gives a glossy effect. It helps restoring collagen which is responsible for skin firming and prevents early ageing. Orange peel powder is a good source of Vitamin C and an excellent exfoliating agent. It is extremely useful in reducing fine lines and removing skin tan from your face and body. When added with Bindu's Almond Scrub & Pack it rejuvenates, brightens and balances the skin. For all skin types. Bindu's Orange peel powder contains no preservatives / chemicals

 Mix 1tsp (for face) / 1-2 Tbsp (for body) of Bindu's Orange Peel Powder with milk and 2-3 drops of honey (optional). Scrub gently and water wash. 

Ayurvedic Licenced Product. Best before 3 years 
Cirtus aurantinum (Orange peel)

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