Venus Ayurveda Fem Charge Forte Syrup

Venus Ayurveda Fem Charge Forte Syrup

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Venus Ayurveda

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When a woman begins to have problems with the reproductive organs, it can affect every aspect of life. Fem Charge syrup is a 100 % natural product, there are number of products available for gynecological problems but we assure you that our product Fem Charge Forte Syrup has been proved much beneficial and effective. Fem Charge Forte Syrup is a herbal remedy for women menstrual problems and gives them strength in their monthly circle. This is the quite beneficial remedy and gives mental and physical strength while having the monthly circle. Fem Charge Forte Syrup effectively works in problems like cramps, colic pain and many other problems which are associated with menstrual cycle. It is quite helpful remedy for irregular period’s problem and well known for its not to produce any side effect.

It's other beneficial uses: 

Uterine Bleeding, Vaginal Discharge Dryness, Leucorrhea,   Irregular Menstruation , Controlling the low back pain, general weakness & tiredness. 

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