Herbal Trends Premium Triphala Ras

Herbal Trends Premium Triphala Ras

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1. A Balancing Formula for Detoxification and Rejuvenation.

2.Supports Healthy Digestion & Absorption.

3.Assists Natural Internal Cleansing.Nourishes & Rejuvenates the tissues.

4. Made from Fruit Pericarp. No seeds used in the ras.

5. Rasayana and Tridoshnashak (as per Ayurvedic texts).

6. Undiluted | No hidden chemical or laxative added.

7. No artificial colour,flavour or sugar added.

8. Freshness: All products from latest batches (max 3 months).

9. Made from best extraction technology (Each batch of Triphala Ras takes 16 hours to be manufactured).

10. Ayurvedic formula for Internal Purification.

11. Mild and non habit forming body detox (not a laxative).

12. Safe for all age groups.

30 to 50 ml Triphala Ras diluted in lukewarm water (as per requirements), before sleeping.

20 to 30 ml Triphala Ras twice a day, diluted in lukewarm water (as per requirement).