Herbal Trends Aloe Triphala Plus (Pack Of 3)

Herbal Trends Aloe Triphala Plus (Pack Of 3)

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1. Ayurvedic formula for Natural Internal Cleansing. 2. Mild and non habit forming body detox . 3.Healthy digestion& absorbption . Nourishes & rejuvenates the tissues. 4. Pure- Undiluted | No hidden chemical or laxative added. 5. Fresh- All products from latest batches (max 3 months). 6. No artificial colour,flavour or sugar added. 7. Rasayana and Tridoshnashak (as per Ayurvedic texts). 8. A product for Healthy Lifestyle Enthusiasts. 9. Safe for all age groups.

30 to 50 ml Aloe Triphala Plus  diluted in lukewarm water.

20 to 30 ml Aloe Triphala Ras twice a day, diluted in lukewarm water (as per requirement).

Can increase or decrease quantity as required. Can add pinch of Salt or Honey to improve taste.