Herbal Trends Aloe Magic - Pure Aloe Vera Drinking Gel ( Juice) Pack of 2

Herbal Trends Aloe Magic - Pure Aloe Vera Drinking Gel ( Juice) Pack of 2

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1.Pure Aloe Drinking Gel -  Made from fresh aloe vera leaves  throughout the year ( 95% aloevera in the product ) 2.Clean Natural Taste - Fibrous , No synthetic fragrance /flavour or colour added 3.Totally Fresh - Our Aloevera juice is from latest batches , Max. 3 months from the  manufacturing . Total shelf life is 12 months. 4.Own Cultivation - We cultivate our own aloevera  with natural techniques to provide highest percentage of purity & quality of  active aloe vera in our products No pesticide used. 5.GMP Certified - Manufactured in  "State of the Art Facility" with latest modern technology affiliated to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Norms. 6. In Tune with Highest Parameters - Made as per FSSAI and international standard - aloin less than 10ppm. 7. An Excellent nutritional supplement. Enhanced antioxidant support.

Aloe Magic Gel  should  be used with a little consideration for reaping  maximum benefits from this Nature Gift.

Begin with 20ml qty twice a  day with Normal temperature water ( Never cold)

On Empty stomach , 30-45 min. before taking any kind of meals .

After 1 week increase qty upto 30-40 ml twice a day ( if suits your body  well)

You can take it neat , with lukewarm or warm water , with fruit juice or honey.

For digestive discomforts  , take it 30-45 min after taking dinner at night.
Drinking plenty of water recommended during this period for good hydration and detoxification .