Herbal Trends Amla Magic - Amritfal Amla Ras Pack of 2

Herbal Trends Amla Magic - Amritfal Amla Ras Pack of 2

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1.100% Natural - Pure & unadulterated form of goodness of amla fruit. 2.Clean Natural taste - without any synthetic fragrance  3.Best rejuvenating herb and great rasayan  for "Pitta dosha" as per Ayurveda. 4.Processed from fully mature , Wild Himalayan Amla fruit. 4.Improved eyesight  and immunity booster. 5.Healthier hair- can be applied on the scalp directly or by mixing in oil  at night for better hair care . Prevents  premature greying of hair. 7.GMP Certified - Manufactured in  "State of the Art Facility" with latest modern technology affiliated to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Norms. 8.Totally Fresh - Our Amla  juice is from latest batches , Max. 3 months from the  manufacturing . Total shelf life is 12 months. 9.Purity Test- Drop few drops of amla juice on any floor surface , if it turns  black after some times , It is Pure.

20-40 ml in lukewarm water twice a day , don’t take anything 30 min before and after taking it. Empty stomach preferred.

For digestive discomforts, take it 30 min after taking dinner at night.

Drinking plenty of water recommended during this period for good hydration and detoxification .