Sheetal Herbal Triphala Churna

Sheetal Herbal Triphala Churna

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Supports healthy digestion and absorption, natural antioxidant, is gentle bowel tonic, and supports regular bowel movements. It has amla which gives cooling effect that manages pitta, supporting the natural functions of the liver and the immune system. It has behada which is particularly good for kapha, supporting the respiratory system and also kapha accumulations in all systems. Haritaki though having a heating nature, it is still good for all three doshas (vata, pitta, and kapha). Is known for its “scraping” effect, which removes toxins and helps maintain healthy levels of weight. 

1 to 2 Teaspoon With Warm Water After Meal 

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By Pooja  on   14 Nov 2019

It was good

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