Sheetal Herbal Wheat Grass

Sheetal Herbal Wheat Grass

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Wheat Grass + grown for seven days in poly house (all year round) is used to obtain powder, most beneficial & balanced food. Wheat Grass Powder is naturally rich source of vitamins, enzymes, amino acid, chlorophyll & dietary fiber.

• For best result pour 2gm (1 sachet) Wheatgrass + powder in 1 cup water, stir properly and consume on empty stomach preferably in morning.

• Due to high percentage of insoluble dietary fibers uniform mixture may not result.

• One tea spoon of honey may be added to enhance taste increase daily intake as per acceptance.

• Do not have with any citrus fruits or sugar.

• Do not consume anything else 30min. before & after.

• Store in cool & dry place away from sunlight.