Aryanveda Diamond Dazzle 3X Home Spa Kit with SPF-50 combo pack

Aryanveda Diamond Dazzle 3X Home Spa Kit with SPF-50 combo pack

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Diamond Cleanser: diamond cleanser cleanses the skin from deep. Presence of diamond dust treats the skin blemishes and wipe off skin impurities. The beneficial properties of diamond cleanser repairs the skin for further treatment

Diamond Scrub diamond scrub comes with natural environment dust and herbal actives. Being in even granules form it , it exfoliates the skin without causing any itching or redness , it helps to repair skin blemishes and surfaces a clean and clear skin.

Diamond Massage Cream: pearl massage cream is a bliss for skin it provides nourishment and detoxifies the skin from the toxins stuck on epidemics. It binds the face and consequently the skin looks well sculpted.

Diamond Pack: Diamond pack cleans the skin pores from follicular debris and environmental dust. It nourishes and moisturizes the skin and assists in cellular regeneration. When the sun beats down the earth, it is bound to harm your delicate skin.Problems of sun-burns, oily and dark skin will surely make you think twice before going outdoors. Now don’t ponder over it too much. Leave it to Aryanveda SPF 50 Sunscreen.

It is specifically formulated with anti-photo aging actives to shield skin against powerful UVA/UVB rays which cause sunburn, cell damage, dryness, roughness. It makes sure that premature signs of aging such as age- spots, wrinkles, leathery skin do not set on your face. The actives presented in it are intense sunscreens and sun filters that reflect, scatter and absorb all the UVA & UVB rays. It absorbs quickly, leaving no visible white residue or trace of stickiness. So when the solution is within, why not beat the sun for a change!

  • Type: Cream
  • Organic: No
  • Professional Care: Yes
  • Series: Diamond Home Spa
  • Color: Blue
  • Gift Pack: Yes
  • Sales Package: Diamond Dazzle Cleanser, Diamond Dazzle Scrub, Diamond Dazzle Massage Cream, Diamond Dazzle Pack, Sunscreen SPF