Darjeeling Green tea with Lemongrass

Darjeeling Green tea with Lemongrass

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Darjeeling Green tea with Lemongrass: Green tea blended with lemon grass gives you maximum benefits. Each box has been hygienically packed for minimum loss of its delicate aroma .

Features : Most of our teas are sourced from small and marginal tea growers who strive to cultivate environmentally sustainable tea. We bring Premium quality teas to you. Natural blend of Whole leaf green tea with dried lemongrass.

Benefits : Green tea is derived without fermentation. While benefits of green tea is well known . Lemon grass has a strong lemony fragrance. Citral oil in lemongrass is an antioxidant. Helps protect damage of cells by free radicals. Is a natural diuretic. Keeps kidneys and bladder working properly. regular use helps reduce anxiety and nervousness.

Ingredients : Darjeeling green tea with dried lemongrass.


Uses : 

1. Boil water in a pot. Add one tea spoon of the blend into the pot and turn off the gas. Approx quantity is one tea spoon per cup .

2. Let it brew for 4 minutes or till it reaches it desired strength. It will acquire a pale liquor with a fresh tangy aroma of lemongrass.

3. Pour tea into a cup and enjoy.

4. Should be taken without cream or milk.

5. Add sugar or honey as per taste.

Darjeeling green tea with dried lemongrass.