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Aarud Natural Aloe Health

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ALOE HEALTH – Aloe Vera Juice with Tulsi – The Wholesome goodness of the Wonder Herb (Aloe Vera)

Aloe Health is a complete nourishment solution to the body and consists of the organically grown ingredients, Barbedensis Aloe Vera and Tulsi. The finest quality extracts are used with the state-of-the-art techniques so as to derive the optimum benefit from the wonder herb-Aloe Vera. Its combination with the elixir herb Tulsi works wonders and provides overall wellbeing.
Benefits of Aloe Health

  • Helps in maintaining the good health and overall wellbeing of the body
  • Provides the dosage of all the essential vitamins
  • Builds up the body’s protective system
  • Gives the necessary minerals to the body
  • Balances the flora in the gut by controlling overgrowth of the bacteria and yeast present
  • Keeps the muscles and joints in the right condition
  • Makes the skin look young, healthy and fresh
  • Maintains a check on the resistant system of the body
  • A perfect solution for all the digestive trouble
  • Takes care of the bowel movements by making the gut work properly
20 Ml twice in a day
Aloevera Ras