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White Tea

White Tea

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White Tea :White tea is a natural tonic and is natures greatest gift. One of the least processed , making it a rare and precious tea .  Hygienically packed in biodegradable zip lock pouches for minimum loss of its delicate aroma . Can be easily tucked into your bag and taken to work or pleasure.


Features: Most of our teas are sourced from small and marginal tea growers who strive to cultivate environmentally sustainable tea. We bring Premium quality teas to you. Natural  Whole leaf white exotic tea  


Benefits: White tea has the maximum amount of antioxidant among all tea variety. They help in boosting various health benefits like cardiovascular health, lower cholesterol, lowering the risk of cancer and enhancing weight loss. It also has anti bacterial properties and promotes stronger bones , along with anti ageing benefit.


Ingredients: White Tea

Dosage/Directions to Use:  

1. Place one pyramid in a cup of boiling water. Let it brew

2. Let the water be infused with the goodness of this herb.

3. You will need to infuse it for a little longer than green tea .

4. Should be taken without milk or cream. Add honey or sugar as per taste.

White Tea