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Neem Wood combs ( Set of 2)

Neem Wood combs ( Set of 2)

Price : ₹345 /50 unit

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Benefits :

1. Neem wood is a proven anti-bacterial and germicide wood , hence keeps dandruff away .

2. Has medicinal properties which wards off fungal and bacterial infections away.

 3. It is non-static , therefore prevents hair from appearing frizzy.

4. Suitable for both children and adults.

 Features : Regular use of this comb will make your scalp itch and infection free . Hence promoting healthy growth of hair.

Reduce carbon foot print : By buying this product you help sustain the environment as it is a 100% natural neem wood comb.


Directions to use : Use the comb on dry hair Ingredients : 100% natural neem wood combs .