Lass Natural Herbal Henna Powder

Lass Natural Herbal Henna Powder

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Infused with medicinal value of pure Henna leaves and rare natural Indian herbs, Lass Herbal Henna Hair Powder acts as a hair vitalizer and promotes hair growth. This herbal henna mix expertly conceals graying hair while nourishing them deeply, making hair smooth and shiny.
This Ayurvedic hair colorant takes care of majority of scalp disorders. Regular use provides strength and shine to the hair. Henna extract used in the making of this skincare product is organically grown without the use of pesticides or other harmful toxins. You get a chemical free, and preservative free product that strengthens and protects your hair from damage. Lass Naturals Henna Powder is excellent for dying the hair, beard, mustache and is great for both men and women.

Why buy Herbal Henna from Lass Naturals?

Deeply rooted in the Indian tradition, henna is not only a natural hair color, but is also a natural hair conditioner. At Lass Naturals, we source the henna mixture from the choicest leaves of henna plant grown organically. Along with henna leaf powder, we have also used herbs like amla, bhringraj, brahmi, vibhitaka, neem, shikakai and aloe vera. At Lass Naturals you also get:

  • Ethically procured herbal ingredients Green, environment-friendly manufacturing and packaging practice

Herbal  Henna ( for hair) - Soak  Herbal Henna in hot water to make an applicable paste & put it  aside for

3 hours . Put on  surgical gloves to saveyour hands from stains. Divide your hair in four sections & apply paste on

each from root to top evenly. Give one hours time  if using as conditioner but 3hours time if you desire to dye your hair. Rinse off thoroughly & comb in your pet hairstyle.

( for hands & feet) - Soak  henna in luke warm water for 2hours. Add  some lemon juice to the mixture. Clean the part of the body where  henna is to be

applied & apply henna oil. Make attractive designs  on hands and feet with the help of cones. Letthe paste  be applied for 2-3 hrs . Now wash the henna with water & apply some henna oil.