Lass Natural Foot Care Cream

Lass Natural Foot Care Cream

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Got cracked, dry, and painful heels and feet? Lass Naturals Foot Care Cream is one solution for all your foot problems. The chemical-free foot cream is a blend of all natural ingredients like rose water, Aloe Vera and essential oils like Jojoba Oil, Mint Oil, and Ginger Oil. A proven Ayurvedic formula for healing and soothing of cracked heels, this foot care cream is what you need for an immediate relief from itching and sores. This all natural foot care cream also works as an effective moisturizer while also treats dry and chapped heels. Further, the crack cream also soothes, softens and guards your skin from getting damaged. The natural herb extracts of the cracked heal cream work as a skin freshener. Why buy Foot Care Cream from Lass Naturals? Lass Naturals offers world’s most effective herbal skin care solution because we understand that beautiful skin requires commitment and not a miracle. Lass Naturals is dedicatedly offering a wide range of innovative skin care products as we have a team of innovates who are widely inspired by the nature and Ayurvedic approach. We are uniquely positioned in the aggressive skin care solutions marketplace using only the purest of botanical extracts and natural, essential oils. Unique advantages that you get are: Ethically procured herbal ingredients  Contains no artificial colors, and no synthetic fragrances 100% Customer Satisfaction Policy

Wash and clean the affected area. Scrape the dead skin with the scraper,  Spread gently. Allow it to dry for 15 min.