Indus Valley Organic Botanical Indus Black hair color

Indus Valley Organic Botanical Indus Black hair color

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100% Botanical 100% Organic Indus Black Hair Color is made up of 8 certified organic herbs. Certified Herbs like Amla, Indigo, henna, Chemomile, Fenugreek seeds, Rubia Cardifolia, Neutral Henna & Brahmi Leaves gives colour & helps to removes hair problems like dandruff, hair fall dryness, premature graying. Regular uses of 100% Botanical 100% Organic Indus black hair colour helps in re-growth & volume to hairs, helps in making hair shiny, bouncy and healthier & cover your grey hairs into Black. Suitable for the people having more than 40% grey hairs.

Key Features
No Chemical what so ever guaranteed. 100% certified organic herbs, Allergy free Hair Color, Gives Color to hair with extra care, Perfect Grey covering, 2 Application process A & B, suitable for people more that 40% grey hairs, color changes gradually, desired color after B application, result after applying the each application on your hair are pictorially mention on the box.

Coloring with Care:
With its all natural herbal base, this hair colour not only gives you long-lasting hair colour, but also nourishes, protects and moisturises your hair, giving it volume and shine.

Indus Valley 100% Botanical Indus Black Hair color is 100% Certified organic herbs based product.

Amla:  Amla is an edible fruit is highly prized both for its high vitamin C content and for the precious oil, extracted from its seeds & pulp and used as treatment for hair loss & scalp problems.

Indigofera (Indigo) leaves:  Indigo, imparts, intense violet colour to hair. It is used to add richness, shine, & texture to hair

Lawsonia Inermis (Henna) Leaves: Henna which is one of the oldest colorant produces orange to red colour on hair, its natural hair conditioner that helps in repairing and sealing the cuticle, protects hair against damage and loss of shine. It has also found its use in dandruff treatment and in hair loss.

Matricaria Chemomilla (chamomile) Flowers: Chamomile one of the world’s best-loved her lightens blonde hair over a period of time. It is considered to be a good hair conditioner

Trigonella foenum-graecum (fenugreek) seeds: fenugreek, an excellent herb found to be used for hair loss, hair darkening, preventing premature graying & scalp stimulation in ancient days.

Cassia Auriculata (Neutral Heena) Leaves: Neutral Henna leaves is an excellent conditioner that helps to make hair glossy and thick, with a healthy scalp.

Bacopa Monnieri (Brahmi) Leaves: Brahmi leaves used to make hair shiny and their beautification. it  also helps to remove dandruff & reduces spilt end hair.

Rubia Cardifolia (Madder ) Roots: Madder, is an age old natural colorant that has been used to maintain hair colour. It can be combined with other natural colorants to enhance color shade.

Natural Ingredients: Chamomile, Rubia Cardifolia, Indigo leaves, Heena, Cassia leaves, Amla, Fenugreek Seeds, Brahmi leaves which provides you color with extra care which gives nourishment and volume to your hairs.

Preparing the hair

Well before applying the colour, shampoo your hair, rinse it well and dry it.

Wear the supplied gloves. Apply cream or petroleum jelly to your skin along the hairline, ears and neck to prevent these areas from being coloured.

 Preparing the colour mixture (1st step)

Remove all types of jewellery like rings, earrings and necklaces.

Each box of 100% Botanical hair colour for Gray covering (Indus black or Indus Dark brown ) contains 2 packets marked A & B (Net wt 198g or 7 oz.), Contains dye for one to two applications, depending on your hair length. For short/shoulder length hair: half pack of A & full pack of A For longer hair

Boil 3 cups (Approx. 300 ml) of pure water. Wear gloves. Place the desired quantity (as per the length of hair) of 100% Botanical hair colour in a non-metal container and pour one/cup of boiled water into the powder, stirring continuously with a non-metallic spoon or spatula to break the lumps. Add enough of the boiled water to obtain a honey like consistency of the paste. It is essential that the mixture is thoroughly blended. The colour of the mixture may vary between yellow to green. Don’t worry about it.

The mixture should slowly slide off the spoon or spatula used for mixing. Keep the mixture for 1-2 minutes to thicken & stabilize. Add more water if it is too thick. Allow the mixture to cool to the extent that it is safe to touch.

 Applying to the hair of 1st step

Using a non-metallic comb or brush, separate the hair into small sections of 1-2 inches.

Begin applying mixture at the crown of the head, coating all strands with non-metallic brush (supplied with box) or with ingers. Keep metal hair pins, curlers, etc out of hair. Use plastic clips or string.

Using your gloved fingers, work the mixture into each section well from scalp to ends. Repeat the process with each individual section until all your hair is thoroughly saturated with the mixture

Carefully clean the skin around edge of the scalp with a wet cotton pad.

Cover hair with plastic cap (supplied with box).

 Developing the hair

After application is complete, leave mixture on your head for 30 minutes to 45 minutes. Depending upon the results of strand test.

Add heat if desired. You may use blow dryer, the sun or a sun lamp. Heat is not absolutely necessary, but it will enhance the shades.

Never use an oven or microwave as a heat source. Be Careful not to melt the plastic cap.

 Rinsing & protecting the hair

When the paste has optimally dried to the desired colour, get ready to rinse it off. Wear the gloves (if necessary). Rinse hair thoroughly in warm water for several minutes, working hair with your fingers or with a wide-toothed plastic comb.

Rinse & dry the gloves for use in next step



Chamomile, Rubia Cardifolia, Indigo leaves, Heena, Cassia leaves, Amla, Fenugreek Seeds, Brahmi leaves which provides you color with extra care which gives nourishment and volume to your hairs.