Khadi Abeers Pure Herb Infusion

Khadi Abeers Pure Herb Infusion

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Khadi Abeers

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   "Infusion is a flavored tea beverage made with a mixture of aromatic Indian spices and herbs. Although traditionally prepared by decoction, retail versions include tea bags for infusion, instant powdered mixtures, and concentrates

There’s nothing nicer on a cold midwinter’s day than a soothing cup of herbal tea. But besides being a tasty, warming, caffeine-free pick-me-up, herbal tea has lots of wonderful health benefits. From soothing a troubled tummy to easing insomnia and calming a troubled mind, herbs have all sorts of healing powers. Drinking herbal tea can also be a great source of vitamins and minerals.Abeers Pure Herb Infusion

 Stress Relieving 

 Energising

 Rich in Antioxidants

 Caffeine Free

For best results drink Abeers Infusion twice a day. Place 2gms per cup (120 ml) and pour hot boiling water directly. Let it infuse for 3-4 minutes. Add sugar if desired. strain & serve hot. Best when consumed without milk.

Pure herb infusion is a caffeine free synergistic blend of Cinnamon, fennel, licorice, cardamomum, holy basil, dried ginger and viola