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Bio Organic Oil (Set of 2)

Bio Organic Oil (Set of 2)

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BIO Organic Skin Care Oil is a moisturizing oil that helps to improve uneven skin tones, scars & stretch marks. The powerful formula of the oil helps in reducing the aging of skin by moisturising & hydrating it internally. BIOrganic Oil has a blend of essential oils from Europe, Shea butter from Africa, plant extracts from Ayurveda and Vitamins E & A. All this makes B.I. Organic oil unique & multipurpose.

Key Features:

BIO Organic Oil is powered with distinguished great ingredients from across the globe like Shea butter from Africa, Lavender oil from France, Apricot Kernel oil from Europe to make it the most effective oil for skin care. Neroli, Pachouli oil from India add to its Ayurvedic benefits. This is enriched with Vitamin E and A, Geranium oil to give you a youthful, blissful and healthy looking skin.

Great Supplement to the natural oil of the skin, and tend to restore the moisture of dry and rough skin.

Helps in making skin suppler, softer & smoother.

Helps in reducing the possibility of stretch marks during & after pregnancy.

Hydrate the skin to improve its texture.

One Product – Multiple Uses

BIO Skin Care oil that helps in diminishing the scars, tends to perfect the Stretch marks and enhances the skin tone. It’s also effective in minimising the aging lines and nourishes, hydrates & moisturizes the dehydrated skin. It instantly dissolves even the water proof make up.

This powerful formula BIOrganic anti ageing oil works equally effective for ageing and dehydrated skin. It is a scientific blend of plant extracts like Calendula & Lavender etc and vitamins A & E etc solubilised in an oil base. It’s light, non-greasy & multi use and best property is its fast absorbing nature by skin. It’s trusted to improve the appearance of skin by reducing & diminishing the old & new scars.

Its powerful formulation helps to reduce the possibility of stretch mark formation during pregnancy. Helps to prefect the existing stretch marks.

It balances tone of skin and helps to visibly reduce the appearance of age spots. Moreover this oil also works wonders for removing scars and prevention of early wrinkles on the skin.

BIOrganic oil nourishes, hydrates & moisturises the skin which will have a radiant glow & firmer skin feel. It also aids to smoothen the skin texture and minimizes the appearance of pores. Its use also includes as daily Skin Care as a Intensive moisturiser, Sun Protection & bath oil.

  • To diminish Scar, to even & Enhance Skin tone- Apply & gently massage to affected area. Use for minimum 3 months.
  • To perfect Stretch Mark- Apply & gentle massage to affected area. Use for minimum 3 months.
  • During Pregnancy- Massage into abdomen, hips,breasts, lower back & upper thighs. From the starts of the 2nd trimester.
  • To minimise lines & Target Pore refinement of Ageing Skin- Apply & gently massage to affected area.
  • To Nourish, hydrate & moisturise the Dehydrate Skin- Apply & gently massage to affected area after bathing, showering, sun-tunning Swimming.
  • For make Up removal- Soak a cotton pad with oil & applying gentle pressure to gently wipe off makeup.