G M Food Box Dal Makhani Masala (T)

G M Food Box Dal Makhani Masala (T)

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"Method:- (For 4-5 prsn) soaked 150g black gram &

50g rajma for overnight with extra water and drain

at morning. Then add 1/half ltr(liter) water. Half

glass milk(150ml) and boiled till it get softer .Now

mix 150g tomatoes(3-4pcs). 10g green

cilli,garlic(150g) for make paste in mixer. Take 30g

butter in pan, Add 1 spoon cumin seeds and add

paste in pan. Then add 20g dal makhani masala and

2 big spoon of cream(malai) and roast it. Now take

roasted spice and boiled Black gram pulses in one

pan and bake it for ten minutes.Your dal makhani is

ready. Now you can garnish it with green coriander

leaves and cream."

Red chilli,Common salt,Mace, Black coriander, Dry ginger, Black pepper,,Anardana, Black salt, kachri, Cumin.Fenugreek leaves, Asfoetida, Nutmeg, Cinnamon,Coriander, Amchur, Ajwain, Pipal, Yellow pepper,