G M Foods Khamman Dhokla

G M Foods Khamman Dhokla

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"Take 500gm Dhokla Powder, add 600-650 ml Water (2 Glass)

& one Spoon Oil Then Mix It Fluently and Keep it Aside for 10

Minutes.Put Bolter/ Ring 2 Inch Above From Bottom Of the

bhagona/Cooker (without Whistle). Pour Water On

bhagona/Cooker , So the Dhokla Will Cook with Steam For

Next 20-25 Minutes.

After Ten Minutes Again Mix Dhokla Solution Fluently. Along

With Dhokla there would be a small Pouch, mix it with the

Solution and Put them immediately in 2 Spoon oil Baste Pan.Place Solution Cast Utensil on Middle of Bolter/Ring and Put it

on Flame. Be Remember Solution Cast utensil must be Over

from water.

Wrap a metal plate with cotton cloth and then put some

weighty architectural so plate not Move. Cover plate Gently So

water vapour (Inside) not Fall on Dhokla.

Keep Cool Ready Dhokla - According to Process Of Dawn,

Make It Separately and after get cool spray it on Dhokla and

then cut it into 2-2 Inch pieces.Process For Dawn

7.Heat 2 Tbsp oil in Pan and Add 1 ½ tbsp Rai (Black mustard

Seed) and Sliced Green Chilies. Then add 250 ml water (1

Glass) and 4Tbsp Sugar. Boil and spray it On Ready Dhokla

once it get Cool.

Now Garnish with Green coriander or grated coconut and taste

it with GM FOODSMeethi Chatni.

Note: You Can make Khaman Dhokla in Khaman Dhokla

maker also."

gram flour, sugar, common salt, citric acid, sodium bicarbonate, turmeric