Vagads Khadi Hair Serum

Vagads Khadi Hair Serum

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Vagad's Khadi

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Vagad`s Khadi Hair Serum makes the hair shine and removes all the tangles in the hair.It protect the hair from dry and damaging.

Vagad`s Khadi Hair Serum  is enriched with vitamin E which smoothens rough and damaged strands to make them shiny and frizz-free.This product is ideal for men and women.

Vagad`s Khadi Hair Serum makes your hair manageable.Style your hair like you always wanted.

 Take adequate quantity of hair serum and massage all over the scalp gently.

Almond Oil,Olive Oil,Wheatgerm Oil,Jojoba Oil Broccoli Seed Oil,Grape Seed Oil,Fragrance Q.s colorless