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The Indus Valley Bio Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an organic, cold-pressed oil, filled with nutritional properties required for both skin and hair.Its 100% natural nature makes it a safe product suitable for all skin and scalp types.

Key Benefits:

  • ·         Regular, balanced usage of it brings a natural glow to the skin
  • ·         Enhances the health of skin internally
  • ·         It assists in the reduction of weight.
  • ·         Works wonders for dry skin.
  • ·         Massage with this oil helps in strengthening bones as well as muscles
  • ·         Reduces under eye puffiness and dark circles
  • ·         Post pregnancy for the reduction of stretch marks
  • ·         For makeup removal purposes
  • ·         Dry and frizzy hair gets back its required hydrated texture
  • ·         Repairing purposes of dry and cracked heel
  • ·         Smoothens skin and is great as a night cream massage
  • ·         Works great as a cuticle oil
  • ·         Known for skin toning purposes too

Directions For Usage

  • For Face care purposes, apply 3-5 drops post cleansing and massage all over your face with specific concentration on the area near your eyes.
  • For hair, apply on dry hair and continue massaging lightly.
  • Olive Oil can also be used on stretch marks with light massage on the areas.
Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil