INDUS VALLEY Hibiscus + Brahmi + Tulsi

INDUS VALLEY Hibiscus + Brahmi + Tulsi

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Indus Valley Bio Organic Hibiscus Flower Powder is a Natural Solution offering you ultimate protection against hair problems and essential skin troubles. Enriched with antioxidants, this hibiscus powder for skin works great as a natural cleanser and regular usage of hibiscus for skin shall gradually lessen your acne and pimples. As a beauty agent, this powder proves excellent results for making your skin look more youthful and appealing. Clearing all the essential impurities from the skin, it adds natural glow making your skin looks 10 times younger.

For hair, this hibiscus flower powder can be used for several purposes. A smooth application of hibiscus paste everyday can give you respite from lice permanently. Our 100% Natural Hibiscus powder paste can give relief from dandruff or dry scalp. Our Hibiscus flower powder is also known to prevent loss of hair as well as graying of hair. Our hibiscus flower powder has also showed proven benefits working excellently by curing gallstones and promoting urination.

Multiple Benefits of Using A Single Box of Hibiscus Powder:

Acts as a Natural hair conditioner.

Purifies skin and brings a natural glow.

Reduces acne possibilities and adds a natural shine.

Treats dandruff by adding essential moisture to the scalp.

Cures gall stones by promoting urination.

Tulsi powder

Indus Valley Bio Organic Tulsi powder is a 100% Natural Powder to provide you an effective remedy against several hair issues. It is a multipurpose, microfine powder that can be used both for your hair and face due to its organic and nutritional properties.


Can be effectively put to use for undernourished hair

Brings significant change in the removal of hair issues like itching, irritation, flaking and dandruff

Clears and soothes scalp with its natural, organic properties

Nourishes dry scalp with the required moisturizer

Reduces Hair Loss effectively

Protects the scalp from germs and keeps it free from dirt accumulation

Works also for face cleansing purposes by opening the pores effectively

Brings natural radiance to the skin


This product from Indus Valley is powerful remedy for bringing a prominent reduction in hair fall. Strengthening hair right from its roots, it makes your hair thicker and better through and has been considered the perfect friend for hair by all.


Treats commonly complained hair related problems like dandruff, dry and itchy scalp etc.

Assists in strengthening memory power and intelligence

Soothes the scalp and provides relaxation of mind

Enhances learning capacity

Brings the instant natural shine in your hair without any added efforts

It is a trusted natural ingredient for soft, shining and smooth hair.