Mirah Belle Naturals Lavender Mandukaparni Hair Growth Hair Spray

Mirah Belle Naturals Lavender Mandukaparni Hair Growth Hair Spray

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" Increase your hair volume with the New Hair Growth Spray

Nothing freaks you out more than receding hair and the realisation that you are turning bald! Your hairstyle can literally make or break your overall personality. But what would you do if you had no hair? Ever thought about that? Well, it is scary! It happens more than often that you lose hair, but have no regrowth in that area. What do you do then? Use a thousand chemical products to fix it? Stop now!

Go natural and buy our Company made New Hair Growth Spray that is made of 100% organic ingredients and is totally chemical free! It not only keeps your hair in order but also assures you of new hair growth. Could it get any better?

Benefit :  Stimulates Hair Follicles in the Scalp"

"• Shake bottle gently before use. 

• For max hydration, fully saturate your skin with the Jasmine Face Spray: use a full five-to-seven sprays directly on your face. 

• Then with clean hands, sink your hands onto your face and press in completely.

• Continue to use liberally throughout the day, to tone, hydrate and refresh your skin."