Mirah Belle Naturals Hair Darkening Hair oil

Mirah Belle Naturals Hair Darkening Hair oil

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"Dark and strong hair is a dream everyone sees. If you are obsessed with your hair and go through vigorous hair care regimes to maintain the welfare of your hair, then you must be knowing how great it feels to have a good hair day, definitely worth posting numerous photos on Instagram and Facebook with #goodhairday!

With the growing pollution in air and water in our present generation, the quality of hair degrades drastically. It is difficult to protect hair from the common evils of destroying hair like that of dandruff, hair fall, split ends and itchy scalp.

Visit to the hair salons and getting a treatment done like keratin treatment or hair spa definitely helps. But you have to admit that it is quite an expensive affair. If we go by what our grandmas suggest for having dark and shiny hair, hair oil must be applied to keep your hair strong and healthy. But how many of us like applying hair oils? Applying hair oil leaves the hair oily and ruins your look totally. But you must keep in mind that age old remedies often work effectively.

So, what if you get introduced to a hair oil which will strengthen your hair and make it dark? Presenting the hair darkening oil which will greatly improve the health and strength of your hair.

Benefit : Prevents & Darkens Grey Hair"

"• Make a partition of your hairs and apply oil on scalp

• Use oil in adequate quantity

• Gently massage the scalp with your fingers

• Never rub your hairs with palm as it can break

• You should massage hairs for 10-15 min

• Steaming your hair with hot towel is excellent as it absorb oil 

• Leave the oil in your hairs overnight

• You can wash it off next morning"