Mirah Belle Naturals Pet Shampoo

Mirah Belle Naturals Pet Shampoo

Price : ₹295 /200 ml

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"Pets need special care and indulgence. The soft fur of the pets’ body is like a shield to them for saving them from unpredictable weather changes, dirt, dust etc. and also keeps them the warmest. Therefore, when you have a pet in the house it is important to take the best care of their fur with the right pet products which are made of exceptional natural ingredients. MirahBelle in its revolutionary effort to imbibe a good living, has brought about the pet shampoo with lavender essential oil and eucalyptus essential oil for creating a delicate yet miraculous formula for the pets. The mix of the oil extracts for the shampoo brings in a powerful cleansing as well as sweet aroma which don’t just fight the odor of the pet but also helps repel fleas and ticks. The shampoo is a natural formula to be used for all pets.The lavender essential oil as an ingredient brings in a special cleansing effect in the shampoo which helps fight with dirt, irritation, rashes, inflammation, fleas and ticks. It imparts a special repair to the skin irritations for the pets to have a good skin within.

The goodness of eucalyptus oil brings in nourishment and sweet aroma which leaves the fur smelling beautiful and soft always. The shampoo is a non-reactant, non-irritation and deep cleansing formula which doesn’t leave the pet body dry but nourishes and cleanses it mildly for the special pet showers. It absolutely causes no harm to the pet eyes and so suits the pets that are averse to baths!"

"• Put some cotton balls in ears to stop water getting in

• Starting at the pet’s head & neck work the shampoo,

• working backward toward the tail

• Rinse thoroughly &repeat if necessary "