Mirah Belle Naturals St. John Wort Pain Relief Salve

Mirah Belle Naturals St. John Wort Pain Relief Salve

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"Let the soreness ease with the Muscle Pain & Burn Relief Salve!

Muscle pain and burn can be a result of any age-related factor or physical activity like working out in the gym for long hours. However, in both the cases, the pain is unbearable! Instead of going for any other chemical products available in the market, we suggest you to use our Muscle pain & burn relief salve in order to free yourself from the pain and torture!

Our Company is known for producing natural cosmetics using only organic ingredients that have absolutely zero side effects! Be rest assured that no chemicals are used in making them.

Healing benefits : Invigorates the senses"

"• Wash your hands properly and rinse it with a towel.

• Take a small quantity of St. John  Wort’s - Pain Relief Salve in your hands and apply wherever there is a muscle pain or wounded skin.

• Massage on the respective area for sometime.

Use Twice A Day"