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Mirah Belle Naturals Peppermint Foot Cream

Mirah Belle Naturals Peppermint Foot Cream

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Heal cracks with the peppermint foot cream. When you think of feet and skin care, pedicure is the first thing that comes to your mind. Right? However, going to visit a parlor every time you want to pamper your feet can cost you a bomb! This is where the peppermint foot cream appears! Now you can cater to your tired feet by giving it a light massage with this mystic ointment that we call the peppermint foot cream. After a long day’s work, you would love the idea of someone giving you a foot massage. Isn’t it? Hand them over this cream or DIY! The cooling sensation of the cream would take you on cloud nine, and you would not want to come back for sure! The main ingredient used in the product is peppermint oil, which is widely known for its healing and anti-bacterial properties. It works to relieve you of sore muscle pain, calms and relaxes your feet, bidding goodbye to any sort of foot ache, and fixes cracks on your heels too. Let us know more about the various benefits of the ingredient ‘peppermint essential oil’ that is used in this magical cosmetic.

"• Wash your legs and soak it with a towel

• Take a small amount of Peppermint Foot Cream on your hands.

• Rub your hands and apply on the foot

• Massage for sometime"