AAY Herbal D Spine

AAY Herbal D Spine

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"Works On: Slip Disc, Disc Prolapse, Sciatica (nerve pain typically felt from the low back to behind the thigh and radiating down below the knee)

Description: Lumber disc prolapse/ sciatica is considered a difficult to cure disorder. Even if pain can be subsided using prolonged bed rest or pain-killers, almost 90% of the cases see a recurrence/relapse in just a few months of relief using these traditional treatments. Surgerical treatments have also not shown satisfactory results. 

Our concoction, D-Spine is a Herbal Nutritional Supplement that has shown significant clinical improvement in treatment of Sciatica & Lumber Disc Prolapse. Based on AAY Herbal's method of backing Ayurvedic formulations with scientific research and allopathic validations for best results, this product is uniquely prepared, extremely effective and unlike other products available world-over.


- Effective in improving/curing Sciatica & Lumber Disc Prolapse

- Complete cure possible after due course of treatment, with no relapse seen in 200+ cases treated over last 10 years

- Cure rate has been almost 90-95%

- D-Spine is extremely effective in improving/curing Chronic Sciatica / Lumber Disc Prolapse; it also works in cases not responding to any other treatment

- No side-effects, very effective, and affordable solution to a medical condition with expensive treatments through conventional ways

- Avoids need for surgery


- The product is in form of finely granulated powder which is mildly bitter in taste and dispensed in capsules

- Visible effects can be seen in 20-30 days of daily consumption of D-Spine; treatment takes a minimum of 100-120 days to show best results, depending on severity of the case

- Rest recommended for first 3 weeks while taking D-spine, light day-to-day activities can still be performed

Safety Standards:

- Product has been tested as per WHO standards 

- Data to substantiate the results, including in-vitro results, is available for review

- Safety and heavy metal testing data is available as quality assurance documents"

- Dosage is twice a day - 2 capsules in morning & 2 capsules in evening

Harard (Myrobalans – Terminalia chebula), Gwar Pada (Aloe Vera), Rumi Mastangi (Pistacia leuetiscus), Senna (Cassia Elongata), Salt, Saunth(Ginger), Apamarg (Achyranthes aspera)

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By Sathish.S  on   24 Jun 2022

i ordered d spine track order is not showing and not picking my call also

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