AAY Herbal Cholestero Gard

AAY Herbal Cholestero Gard

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Works On: Reducing High Cholesterol, High Lipids (Trigyceride), Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) prone

Description: Given the morden lifestyle and un-healthy eating habits along with plastic cropping up in the food chain, high Cholestrol/ Lipids have become a very common problem. This makes people prone to Coronary Artery Disease which has become an important cause of mortality. 

AAY Herbal's, CholesteroGard is a Herbal Nutritional Supplement that is extremly effective in reducing high cholesterol and lipids. If usage is continued for 6-8 months, CholesteroGard can also remove blood clot (thrombus) formation inside blood vessels (coronary arteries) of the heart. Based on AAY Herbal's method of backing Ayurvedic formulations with scientific research and allopathic validations for best results, this product is uniquely prepared, extremly effective and unlike other products available world-over. 


- Effective in reducing Cholestrol/ Lipids with just 2 months of continued consumption

- Continued consumption of CholestroGard for 6-8 months can help in removing blood clot in coronary arteries of heart

- Cure rate is alomst 90-95% in all cases treated till now

- No side-effects, very effective, natural and affordable solution for a medical condition with expensive treatments through conventional ways


- The product is in form of finely granulated powder which is mildly bitter in taste

- Dosage is 2 teaspoon full, one each in morning and evening; it should be taken with Orange Juice or Buttermilk (Chaach)

- Recomended use for a minimum of 60 days for best results

- Noticiable reduction in cholestrol / lipids within 2 months; 6-8 months of continuous long term use can be effective in removing blood clot in coronary arteries of heart

Safety Standards:

- Product has been tested as per WHO standards 

- Data to substantiate the claim is available for review

- Safety data for the product is also available for review

- In vitro data is also available to support the product

- Heavy metal testing data is available as quality assurance documents

2 Teaspoon full, one in morning and evening respectively, taken with squeesed/pressed Orange Juice or Buttermilk (Chaach)

Pivadia Seeds, Saunthm, baking soda