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AAY Herbal DS Care

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Works On: Downs Syndrome and Alzheimers

Description: Downs Syndrome is a genetic condition in which a person is born with whole/part additional material in the Chromosome 21 of their genes. This may cause mild to moderate learning disability and delayed development in a growing child due to reduced cerebral perfusion in the brain. Those with downs syndrome struggle with performing daily activities.

AAY Herbal's, DS Care product can restore the activity in brain cells by enhancing cerebral perfusion. This is the only product in the world which works directly on improving the cellular metabolism of brain cells. Through pre and post treatment SPECT Brain Scan we have scientifically proven the effectivity of our treatment in 250+ cases worldwide. This product is extremely effective in cases of short memory and Alzheimer. Based on AAY Herbal's method of backing Ayurvedic formulations with scientific research and allopathic validations for best results, this product is uniquely prepared, extremly effective and unlike other products available world-over.


- Visible improvements in memory & recognition, fine and gross motor skills (like posture, holding thing in hand, etc.), and self help skills

- A highly effective cure for an otherwise considered incurable disease by conventional methods

- Do not consume chocolate, caffine or tea while consuming this product, for best results

- No side-effects (however this should strictly not be given to those suffering with epilepsy)


- The products are in finely granulated powder form, mildly bitter in taste 

- Recommended dosage is 500 - 600 mg (approx. 1/4th teaspoon) in morning and evening, to be mixed with Cow Ghee before intake

- Effects can usually be seen in 3-6 months of daily consumption; significant improvements can be observed within 3 years of regular consumption

Safety Standards:

- Product has been tested as per WHO standards 

- Data to substantiate the claim is available for review

- Safety and heavy metal testing data is available as quality assurance documents

500 - 600 mg BD (morning and evening with Cow Ghee)

Ardraka (Ginger), Vayvidang (False Black Pepper), Shankhapushpi (Bindweed), Satavar (Asparagus), Harad (Chebulic Myrobalan), Gurcha (Tinospora Gulancha), Brahmi (Thyme-Leaved Gratiola), Latjira (Prickly-Chaff Flower)